Cherry Cup Prize 2019


Cherry Cup logo

The Cherry Cup was founded by John Cherry, a Hornsea artist who made his living designing and painting heraldic shields. John also ran an art club at Hornsea School. His wife Thelma, who was also an artist and a member of Hornsea Art Society, donated the cup for the School Art Prize upon John’s death. The Cherry Cup competition has been running since 1995 with students up to Year 10 having the opportunity to enter. An exhibition of the winners’ art work will be be held at the Masonic hall alongside the Hornsea Art Society exhibition, 23 July – 3 August.


Cara Baines              YR10                               Ist prize


Callum Holland           YR7                              2nd prize


Amarah Depass            YR9                             3rd prize


James Westerby             YR8                            4th prize



Harvey Bates                YR9


Barlie Bauckham           YR8


Stanley Callaghan        YR10


Katie Chau                  YR9


Rosie Duckworth       YR7


Megan Edwards      YR10


Wayan Griffin      YR8


Mathew Harris          YR10


Rosie Harvatt           YR9


Francesca Jeffs   YR8


Mia Kilvington     YR10


Emma Maturova  YR9


Kiki Moore  YR10


Max Osbourne  YR8


Frankie Reuell-Nesbit  YR8


Rowan Smith  YR7


Leila Woolfit  YR9


Lucy Wrightson  YR10