Send your work


If you are a member of the Hornsea Art Society and  would like images of your art to appear on our website, please send the following information to

  • A title for each image and a brief profile of yourself (about 50-100 words). Individual prices and sizes of your artwork and the medium used will not be displayed. If you wish to mention them please include in your profile.
  • Images of your art indicating which image should be used in the home page slideshow. I’d prefer images as .jpg files or you could send them to me as photos to scan or on a CD. If you have a Quality option on your camera it would be best to set it to high quality in order to keep the sharpness of the image when it is enlarged. If your camera indicates the number of pixels for images, a minimum of 500 pixels on the shortest side would ensure good resolution.

I’m happy to come and photograph your work, but would still need titles and a brief profile from you. If you want to you can provide links to your own website and/or links to your facebook page, twitter, etc. and your email address and telephone number. They will only appear if you want them to appear. If you do not want to provide any contact information on your page, and a potential buyer contacts us, their interest will be passed on to you by email.

The aim is to your page of images ‘live’ as soon as possible and you will be informed once it has been completed.

You may request removal of any or all of your images and/or details at any time. This will be dealt with asap following your instruction.

Pam Williams