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December 2019

Dear Member,

With the General election coming up the day before the AGM, and it being anybody’s guess as to which way it might go, I might not see you at the meeting, as I may well have emigrated to some far flung corner of the world where politicians are non-existent. I would still however, like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and one way or another hope that the New year will be worth waiting for.

Top of my list for the New Year is for it to stop raining for at least a month (please); at the end of August we were well below the annual average, by mid November we were well above the norm, and the year still isn’t out yet. Either somebody upstairs has taken his eye off the ball, or he has set on a YTS student who hasn’t got the hang of things yet. Anyway, I will just empty my wellies, then get on with the newsletter.

Right. First things first; if you are receiving this as a hard copy, you should find enclosed, the 2020 programme. You may, or may not, notice a small red logo on the upper-left corner of the front cover. As you can see, no expense has been spared in heralding the celebration of the Society’s half century. Of course, Phil and the committee are planning some slightly more exciting things for the coming year.

Obviously the start of the new year means that subscriptions are now due. the demonstrator’s fees have gradually increased over the last few years, whilst the subs have been static for quite some time, so now seems a good time to increase them from the present £18 to £20. I know some of you will be reaching for the smelling salts, but it works out as an increase of less than 20p per evening! It will also mean that the treasurer doesn’t need to carry half a stone of two pound coins about with her.

Regular e-mails from the Hon-Secretary are keeping us well informed of all current and forthcoming events in the art world, so there is little I can record here that you don’t already know (this isn’t a grumble on my part I hasten to add) I very much appreciate Steve’s efforts in alerting us to what is about to happen, rather than telling us what has been and gone.

One of my duties in this newsletter, is to remind you all that only paid up members can exhibit their work in the Exhibition, and if you haven’t already started your work on your entries for this, our Fiftieth Exhibition (last week in July-first week in August), I suggest that you get on with it right now – no pressure, but, your committee expects great things etc etc.

That’s it from me. If you are a new member, then welcome to the Society. I hope we measure up to your expectations, which I assume weren’t that high with you wanting to join us in the first place. We will do our best to make you feel welcome.

Once again, Happy Christmas and good luck in the New Year.

Enjoy your art

Chris Caley

(at the time of going to press ‘President’ – possibly fired at the AGM!)