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June 22

Dear Member, 

Don’t panic I shall do my best to be brief – I’ve heard that before.

Primarily it is my job to draw your attention to all the exhibition paperwork which you may or may not have already downloaded from Steve. If you are not particularly computer savvy, worry not as hard copies are available.

Exhibition? – paperwork? I can hear you musing from here. It’s that or the woodpecker is giving that hollow tree a serious workout at the bottom of the garden. Yes, the Summer Exhibition is almost upon us, and after a two-year gap, during which Pam staged virtual online exhibitions for us, we are now back to NORMAL, or as near as we are likely to get. Please read through the rules and regulations, whether you are an old hand or a brand-new member, as it has been a while since we needed to, and we all forget over time; well I certainly do. Do what? Where was I? Oh yes. It will save the embarrassment of a serious dressing down from Enid if you turn up with six three-metre square canvases tucked under your arm claiming you haven’t seen the regulations.

The dates you need to seer onto your brain are Sunday 24th July for handing in, Friday 29th for the Presentations evening and Sunday 7th of August for gathering up your unsold work (that will be just me I think). Right: you have the dates, now where are your entries? You have a month to finish the work, do the framing and fastenings, labels etc. so why are you still sat there reading this!

And this is where my brief note would have ended but for the fact that I mentioned to Phil that there might be space for a few updates.

The first thing he mentioned was the Festival Workshops. They are going very well up to now. He did mention that there were a few spaces left in the Elizabeth Nast workshop ‘Painting the everyday in your WC. Sounds a bit compact to me. Oh I beg your pardon that should be in w/c – watercolour. That is on the 24th of September. Could be fun.

A little earlier is the evening social with Ed Harker on 2nd of July. Following a day of ‘Urban Sketching’ anyone can join the evening event at the Indoor Bowls Club on Atwick Road for just £10. There will be chance to do some sketching with Ed, have a game of bowls if you wish, a pie and peas supper and the bar will be open. It should be a really good atmosphere and a chance to meet up socially.

On to the Four Hour Challenge on August 21st with Phil White. There are still 5 places available on this one, so don’t be shy, give it a try! (Byron, I think). It starts at 10.00, but you can join the group as a wild card from 12.00pm for just a fiver, so just turn up and introduce yourselves. They will be based at the southern end of the promenade at the Inshore Rescue building, but Phil (H) tells me that you can paint/draw anywhere in the seafront area. A note to Phil (W). Bring your running shoes. Just to whet your appetites; there will be 100 smackeroos in prize monies to be won, so good luck.

Finally, midway through the exhibition there will be the Meet the Artists event on July 30th-31st at the Town Hall. There will be 20 artists taking part so should be interesting and varied.

That’s it, we’re done. It just leaves me space to exhort you to get those pictures/works finished, and if you haven’t yet started, there is still time, but only just. We do our best to put on a quality exhibition, and though I say it myself, we haven’t done too bad up to now. Don’t let the side down. Your country and your society needs you etc.etc.

Enjoy your painting, enjoy the summer.

Chris Caley (President)