Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson 2.  Elloughtondale Woods

Born in Hull in 1944, I trained as a teacher in Newcastle where I studied Art & Craft as my main subject.  I moved to Hornsea in 1971 where I taught firstly in Hornsea (Secondary) School and later in the Primary School. A busy career and family life plus many other interests meant little time for personal painting for many years, but in my retirement I went back into painting mode and  since joining Hornsea Art Society in 2007, now get joy and inspiration from working amongst such a creative group of artists.

I work mostly in oils and frequently exhibit in local exhibitions. I’ve always been a keen photographer and so my camera is my ‘sketch book’, almost invariably using my own photographs as the starting point for my paintings. My paintings reflect my own interests and personality so my preferred subjects are landscapes, seashore, nature and anything that I find visually stimulating.

Sport is not normally my ‘thing’ but with the 2014 Tour de France taking Yorkshire by storm I just had to start on a special series of paintings to mark the occasion. I found the colour and movement of the event really exciting and it’s been a real capturing it on canvas.  I am sure there will be more of these to come!