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October 2018

Dear Member,

Well what a summer! – and the weather wasn’t half bad either. Congratulations to all those involved in the setting up and running of the Art Festival and the Annual Exhibition. It all seems to have been a great success, even our Hon Treasurer had a smile on her face, which would suggest that we covered all our expenses. Local sponsors again helped keep the Exhibition solvent, so our thanks go to them. Whilst I am still thinking about the exhibition; the winner of the Singleton Rose Bowl for the most votes by the public was won by Pam Williams for her watercolour ‘The Keld, Little Driffield’ Well done Pam! Bearing in mind that she has had her arm in a sling for most of the summer and is still turning out masterpieces; what hope for the rest of us?

Saturday 6 October was the preview of the ‘Made in Hornsea Exhibition’ at the Seagull Gallery. No, the Pottery isn’t lighting up the kilns again, this is an exhibition of work done at the summer workshops during the Art Festival. Two of the tutors from the workshops; Fraser Scarfe and Tom Voyce, donated their work to the Society to be auctioned off for funds. It was decided on that morning that the Indonesian Disaster Appeal was in greater need of funds than we were, so I can only say thank you to all who bid for the pictures and/or donated to the cause and helped raise £285. on the day. Larry Malkin, Chairman of ERA kindly judged the best in show and the plate that was specially made for us at Fangfoss Pottery was awarded to Martin Piper for ‘Storm brewing over the mere’. Well done Martin, again….Martin also won the Hornsea 4-Hour Challenge at the Festival.

Earlier in the summer Phil was approached to see if the Art Society would be willing to paint a Muriel on the side of the First Aid Centre in the corner of Tesco’s car park. Never one to resist a challenge, he suggested that a large sheet of plywood could be divided into small squares that could be individually painted by willing members. August was set aside to complete the work, and a co-ordinated plan put into action. The overall design was a montage of the well-known buildings and sites of the town, and the intention was to have seagulls placed on to the picture commending the various sponsors. The worry then became apparent; if there were a lot of sponsors, the mural could disappear behind what looked like a flock of angry gulls fighting over a discarded bag of chips. Not quite the calming effect the First Aid Centre was looking for! The remedy was to create a number of wooden seagull shapes which have been attached around the border of the work, and which acknowledge the sponsors. I believe we have David Creamer to thank for the handy fretwork. The Mural was duly unveiled by the Mayor of Hornsea on 22 September, and I for one, was most impressed with the finished work. A big well done to all those involved; from the initial planning, right through to its unveiling. Phil reliably informs me that at the time of going to press the sponsors seagulls were all still happily glued in place. Even if you are not a Tesco customer, it is well worth a ride round the carpark to see the work.

‘The Art Club of the Year Competition’, run by ‘The Artist and Leisure Painter Magazines’ has come around again. Last year we made it into the final ten, and eventually took second place, so it was inevitable that we should have another go this year. Work was chosen by vote from the paintings on display at the Summer Exhibition and was duly sent off to the competition. The Society has again made it into the final ten, and the winners will be announced on Saturday 13  October at Patchings, at the preview. An Exhibition of the work by  the top ten clubs will be on display until 11 November. Fingers crossed!

The AGM and Christmas Social will be upon us before we know what has hit us, so gird your loins in readiness. It will follow the usual format of, as swift an AGM as is decorously possible followed by an entertaining social evening, including bumper raffle, quiz-night and the usual artistic competition. The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Reindeer’, so there should be plenty of scope there for some interesting entries. Worth remembering that RSPCA regulations cover ALL animals, and I am not 100% sure where they keep the mop and bucket at the hall either. On a more serious and pressing note; we are, at the moment, without a secretary. Mary’s recovery after her fall is proving to be steadier than we had all hoped, and as a consequence has resigned as secretary. We wish her well and thank her for her sterling service and trust it won’t be too long before she is back in the rudest of health. In the mean-time we seriously need a new secretary. The Constitution dictates that we must have a secretary, alongside the various other offices, so please do a bit of serious soul-searching as to why you can’t devote a little of your spare time to the Society. Talk to any of the committee to see what is involved and have a think about it. I honestly can’t believe that out of eighty plus members there is no-one willing or capable of filling the post. In this all-inclusive world of today, I should point out that there is no specific gender requirement for the job either. Just saying!   

 I think I have covered all that needs to keep you up to speed on the comings and goings though I can guarantee there will be something I have missed. In the mean-time keep working on those masterpieces

Enjoy your creativity.

Chris Caley.