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February 2018 

Dear Member,

Here it is February, and as yet I haven’t got around to wishing you all a Happy New Year. As Lent begins on Valentine’s day, 14 February, I may as well wish you all a Happy Easter while I am about it. I have no idea what happened to January, I think it must have dissolved along with the vapour rubs and remedies, among the mountain of paper hankies that seem to have been ever-present these last few weeks. It is surprising how progressively lighter nights and a little touch of sunshine can so quickly improve the well-being – all we need now is for someone up there to turn off the sprinkler system for a couple of weeks to give us the opportunity to dry out a little.

That’s the hello over; now I want your money – well not me exactly, our Hon Treasurer would love to hear from you if you haven’t already crossed her palm with silver. I am sure I needn’t remind you that only paid-up members are eligible to submit work for the Exhibition(s) – talking of which, if the speed with which January flew by has any bearing on the coming months it will be the Summer Exhibition in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and you are sat there reading this instead of getting on with the work you are going to enter.

Now if the extra events that the Society organised last year to coincide with Hull’s Year of Culture had you rushing to a darkened room with a cold compress on your forehead, I suggest you find a chair before you read on!

Following on from our success with the Art Club of the Year Competition (in which we were runners-up – see March edition of Leisure Painter for write up), we are going to have another attempt this year. This a RED ALERT as entries have to be submitted and the winners voted for on Saturday 10 March.  Members are allowed to submit up to 5 pieces of 2D artwork in any of the following categories; Landscape, Portraits, Animal, Abstract & Contemporary, and General. Pictures should be taken to Hornsea Indoor Bowls Club on Atwick Rd between 10.00 and 11.00am on Saturday 10 March. Voting by members will take place between 11.00 and 1.00pm. Un-selected work needs to be collected between 1.00pm and 2.00pm. All members are invited to come and vote, even if they haven’t submitted any work.  Last year was very well supported, so I trust you will rise to the occasion again and give it your best. Good luck.

May sees the return of the Tour de Yorkshire which will whizz through Hornsea on Thursday 3 May. One of the few occasions when you are actively encouraged to shout at cyclists, so any disgruntled motorists should make the most of the opportunity. The Society will be having a pop-up gallery at Southgate Studio from Sunday 29 April for at least two weeks. Anything cycling related, to include sculpture and ceramics will be welcome.  This is followed by the ARTWAVES weekend at Bridlington Spa which we are getting involved in. As part of the Artwaves Fringe, the Society will be running an exhibition for the whole of May at the Seagull Gallery under the title “Making Waves” Again it doesn’t have to be newly completed, but great if you have something new, work based on the sea and the coastline is the theme of this exhibition. Do your best!

Fitted around the Summer Exhibition (and don’t forget, this is the big one – so your best exhibits please) will be the Hornsea Art Festival with some twenty workshops on offer between 23 July and 4 August. This is your chance to work with some really top-drawer artists including Pam Williams and Ed Rust. For a short time, members have priority booking before places are offered to other groups, so sign up early to avoid disappointment.

13 April is Members Night. The last two or three years have been very successful, so we are trying it again this year. Selina would like to stick to the tried and tested format, so she is looking for volunteers willing to showcase their work. It is a very informal fun evening where you can chat about your methods, demonstrate your techniques, share your tips and because it is very much a two-way thing, swop ideas, and even have a wander round and see what your fellow volunteers are doing. If you are shy or nervous about working in public, this is the perfect opportunity to practise your skills; you are among friends (mostly).  Please contact Selina or Mary Metcalfe asp.

Phil will be issuing a detailed list of the coming events with all the relevant dates etc., including a full list of all the Workshops and their venues, as soon as one or two items are finalised. He will of course, be announcing the various events at the regular monthly meetings. Be warned: there is a lot going on this year. Lack of participation without an accompanying parental note, will be duly recorded.

2018 has the potential of being an exceptional year for the Art Society but it can only do it with your wholehearted support, so gird those loins and whatever your medium, give it 100 percent.

Always enjoy what you do.


Chris Caley