Latest Newsletter


January 2019

Dear Member,

A very Happy New Year to you all, and my apologies for disturbing you if you are still sleeping off the excesses of the festive period. 

There were a number of absences at the AGM/Social Evening, but a good night was had by those who did attend. As all of you should know by now, Mary Metcalfe tended her resignation as secretary earlier in the year due to ill health; we very much appreciated her dedication to the job, so she goes with our grateful thanks, and the wish of a speedy recovery. Steve Truelove, aka Ed Rust, very kindly stepped up to the oche and volunteered to take over the job. His opening throw was a double as he first asked if we had all come with plenty of money, followed by the announcement that subs were now due. Ouch! Please be kind to him while he settles into the job.

It was great to see so many entries for the Christmas competition (on a reindeer theme) this year. There were some very good efforts, but Enid played a blinder with her cuddly sentimental, textile baby reindeer in a crib which had most of the voters gooey-eyed and cooing over it. (Do I sound bitter? – me!). Seriously, very well-done Enid.

Last year was a very busy year for the Society. I commend all who made that extra effort to make those various activities a resounding success. It couldn’t have happened without you. Thank you. I understand that Phil already has one or two ideas in the pipeline for this year, so either run for the hills or get down to Holland and Barret while they are doing two for one and stock up on the vitamin supplements.

The new Programme was available to collect at the AGM and is on the website. Our thanks to Selina for yet again producing an interesting and varied selection of demonstrators to reflect the Society’s growing diversity. As Selina begins to assemble the programme months in advance, there is always the possibility that circumstances can play havoc with the availability of the demonstrators on the day. Such is the case for our first meeting; originally billed as a watercolour demo highlighting the common pitfalls of that particular medium (it could have been a long night – for me the most serious pitfall is picking up a watercolour brush in the first place). Unfortunately Nick Matson cannot now be with us, so Phil Ramsdale has stepped in and will be demonstrating his atmospheric landscapes in acrylics and alcohol inks (cheers) on YUPO (?) paper. He will be doing pictures of Hornsea Beach and the Humber Bridge, and there will be an opportunity for us to have a go! Sounds good. You can see an exhibition of Phil’s work at the Seagull Gallery till the end of the month. I hear tell it is well worth a look.

One of the main purposes of the newsletter at this time of the year is to remind everyone that your subs are now due. Still at £18 it represents very good value for money. Tell me where else you could be so royally entertained for well under £2 an evening – and for you skinflints out there, it was a rhetorical question and really, I don’t want or need to know.

That’s me done I think, apart from reminding you all that the Summer Exhibition is already looming on the horizon, and if you haven’t already started/completed your four entries, you are fast running out of time. A mild case of panic is quite in order.

Here’s hoping we all have another good year.

Look forward to seeing you all at the meetings.

Enjoy your creativity,

Chris Caley