How to enter 2017


HAS 47th Annual Exhibition 2017

Conditions of entry

A completed entry form must accompany all works submitted to the Exhibition. You can print the entry form and exhibitions labels here.

  • All exhibits must be the bona-fide work of the fully paid up member and must not have been previously exhibited by the Society at the Annual exhibitions held in Hornsea.
  • The source of any work copied from a published piece must be acknowledged.
  • Members may submit up to four artworks for primary display, one of which may be held in reserve if necessary.
  • Framed pictures and unframed canvases must be fitted with rings and cord ready for hanging.
  • Should large work be submitted, one will be hung and every effort to hang subsequent works will be made, dependent upon the space available. (Large is considered to be of such a size that it precludes any other work being displayed on the same display panel).
  • All work must be labelled with two labels. One label on the back of the exhibit, the other stringed label is to hang in front of the exhibit. Both labels must state the title (plus acknowledgement of work copied if appropriate), artists name, medium used, preferred trophy category (click here for category codes) and price.This is a selling exhibition. If you do not wish to sell your work, please indicate this by using NFS on your entry form and labels. To make production of the catalogue easier please use the labels that you can print off by clicking ‘exhibition labels’ above.
  • An entry fee of £3.00 will be charged for each catalogued artwork.
  • Up to four unframed but mounted works, which may have been exhibited in previous years, may be submitted at a fee of £1 each with the artists name (plus acknowledgement), title and price clearly indicated on the back of the picture. Any item which is a print must have this clearly stated. Due to space limitations canvas panels cannot be accepted. If unframed work is sold it can be taken immediately by the purchaser and a replacement made by the artist, incurring the set fee.
  • Exhibits may be purchased via the Stewards by making full payment in cash or cheque payable to the Artist; the exhibit will be marked with a red dot. Exhibits may be reserved by part payment for two days only, the exhibit will be marked with a red dot. The Treasurer will oversee the sale of works during the last session of the Exhibition, Sunday 6 August from 10 am –12 noon. Artworks, sold or unsold, will not be released from the Exhibition before this time. Please note as cheques are made payable to the artist it is important that the name you put on your labels is the one that the bank will accept.
  • 10% commission on sales will be tallied by the Treasurer and become payable via cash or cheque. Commission will not be deducted from monies due to the Artist.

PLEASE NOTE: Insurance against loss or damage is the responsibility of the individual artist. Every effort will be made by the Society to safeguard the works during the exhibition. Neither the Society nor custodians of the building accept responsibility for the safety of uncollected work.

The Society’s public liability insurance covers the general public against injury from any of the exhibits or Society property. It stipulates that frames and fixings must be to a suitable standard. The Society therefore reserves the right to refuse any entry on the grounds of being unsafe to hang.