HAS Exhibition 2017


Dear Member,

Just a very quick note from me as the Annual Exhibition 2017 is all but upon us, and as usual there is a whole raft of paperwork appertaining to the event. You should receive as either an electronic attachment, a website printout, or a hard copy in your envelope; an Exhibition submission form, a copy of the rules and regulations which highlight among other things the need to be a fully paid-up member, a trophy list with the categories they are awarded for, labels for handing in and a copy of the poster which we hope you will display somewhere prominently in your local area. (The boot of the neighbour’s car is not a good idea without permission). There is usually a letter to last year’s trophy holders begging the return of the silverware, but as everybody has been exceptionally good this year there is apparently no need to include one. The stewarding board will be at the July meeting, so if you are exhibiting and have not already done so, please put your name down for any of the vacant slots if you possibly can. There is still time to put the finishing touches to your masterpieces though perhaps not a heavy impasto oil. You are limited to four framed works, but I will be more than happy just to see all the members represented.

This is our first exhibition in a number of years without the guiding hand of Rod on the tiller, various members of the full committee and the exhibition committee have taken on a number of new roles to make sure the exhibition takes place, so please bear this in mind and make allowances for us novices, but please do your bit by making sure that all your paperwork is correctly filled in, legible and with you at the Handing In day. You maybe haven’t seen Enid when she has gone ballistic, but trust me it is not a pretty sight……. and her left hook is truly awesome!

I think that about covers all that I need to tell you. Look forward to seeing you all at the exhibition which I sincerely hope will be its usual high standard and a great success.


Chris Caley